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I have more music coming, friends! In fact, TWO WHOLE ALBUMS! One is mostly music already on here, but one is entirely fresh vaporwave stuff I've been making recently.

And all of it is made on my livestream! I tend to stream at around 8PM PST at the moment, subject to change depending on how job hours change. I've also been streaming in the mornings but less consistently.

Feel free to join whenever, I'm happy to discuss just about anything while making music - and more than happy for comments, feedback, and to go over anything I do which you haven't seen before.

Link is here, friends! See you there.

AIM '16

2016-07-04 17:56:07 by SkyeWint

Welp. I'm entering it again. Who knows? Maybe I can make it a third win in a row.

Initiating hype.

2016-05-12 02:11:28 by SkyeWint

Be hyped.


It's here.

Okay. Let me break this down for everyone here. Let's focus on the sole points of audio quality and size (the only realistic points here).

For quality, it's a moot point. If you want to improve audio quality, make the port gold plated. That's what high end headphones do because gold pushes more data faster - it has better transmission of electricity.While a DAC will make it better, that is all about the components. Want to improve that? Build it into the audio output - the jack.

Headphones can put out audio proportionate to their size. Ear buds do not need to be amplified because they input sound straight into your ear. As for over ear headphones, they can be louder because they need to be. They also have higher audio quality because they are larger and therefore capable of doing so. If you want higher quality, get higher quality headphones.

Now, as for size... If you want that, invent a new standard that is literally smaller and provides good audio. Or make it usb-c or something. Chargers come with the phone and are typically made by the manufacturer. Cases have to be specialized anyway. Headphones, hell no, people want to use those on basically anything that can play music.


I had to save this from a site which I ended up unable to post to after writing *all of it* because of a stupid sign-up thing. Blah.

In unrelated news, what in the flying fuck happened to the editor for this. It looks like shit.

In other unrelated news, I think my chest is growing. Yaaaaay. Face is still growing crap though which sucks.

In yet other unrelated news, I'm finally working on music. Again. ...yeah, I know.

In yet other other unrelated news, I'm being laid off. So I need to look for a new job, possibly a music one (here's hoping) and otherwise try to get something better than now because I've already had nearly 2 years in entry-level positions and I really, really should get a move on.

In yet yet other other unrelated news... games. Games are fun. Particularly playing WoW again (private servers, thank you for being free) and maybe trying SS13 if I can find a server which isn't made of lag.

It begins.

2016-02-18 03:10:32 by SkyeWint

For those of you who don't know at this point (and if you pay enough attention to me to actually read my news posts, you probably do), I'm transitioning. Male -> Female.

And I've started hormones. I have something I plan to do, but it will take approximately 2 years to finish. So... yeah. I'm also making music for a game and being paid to do so. Trying to get other music done on the side, but that's been slow going. :(

Just an update on stuff, so you know I'm not dead!

So the NGMT is starting...

2015-10-29 13:35:23 by SkyeWint

It should be up and running by the 1st of November. I'm just working out final prizes now.


So I am slightly curious, would it be pretentious of me to offer mixing and mastering assistance for free as a prize?

I know I've gotten a bit well-known on here for being "the production lady" or whatever - otherwise I wouldn't even consider it. But, I thought I should get some second opinions before putting it in.

I promise. I didn't use up all my inspiration on the NGADM. I even have something that I'm working on right now!

Oh, I also wrote this thing on my blog about what I like in music. Some of you might find it interesting.

...oh yeah. I have a blog. Just in case you didn't know.

Well, it's been a long two weeks...

2015-08-24 23:05:34 by SkyeWint

So I'm tired. I'm *really* tired.

I have a new job where I'm finally out of training. I'm trying to get a promotion in said job at the same time, so that I have enough money to deal with life better.

I have the NGADM going on.

I have the NGMT which is going to start by the end of the month.

I moved out of my apartment and into my boyfriend's, and we're making plans and preparing to move into a one-bedroom apartment together.

And finally... about a week and a half ago, I was forced to acknowledge that my intuition has been correct for the last like, 9 months. So... I'm a girl. And now I get the lovely task of telling my parents, telling my friends, dealing with my partner being somewhat upset because he's a ftm trans guy and wanted to be with someone who wasn't trans, getting new clothes, telling my co-workers, filing paperwork about anxiety likely caused by it at work, seeing my counselor, getting ready to permanently remove the FUCKING BEARD that's been annoying me for a long time (though I looked good with it), get ready to legally change my name to Skye, and convince my counselor that yes I am ready to start hormones by officially 'living as female' without physically being such for up to 6 months or so.


Oh. And my pizza rolls are cold. ...damnit. I want to do nothing but sleep for a few days.



EDIT: Gonna be keeping a kind of public journal of how things go overall. Maybe I should start a blog or something. I dunno. Either way I'll just start writing stuff in some public space for now, will link when I can.


2015-07-14 20:05:07 by SkyeWint

Thought this might be neat to share. It's a website meant to help out new and aspiring artists. Here's an invite link if you want to support me because I shared it or because you like my music. :)




Thanks if you used the link, and good luck if you join for posting music regardless!


2015-06-09 11:34:25 by SkyeWint

So I took a vacation to australia. I also learned some more about synthesis. And had a few more ideas that I wanted to work on. of which is actually going somewhere for the first time in months. You may have something to look forward to from me in a few weeks or so if you like my music (for whatever weird reason). Depends on whether I get someone to play some *EDIT* NEVER MIND I FOUND A GUITAR SOUND