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So. After watching even a part of the first debate, I have to say... this is pretty accurate, aside from the fact that the "Jimmy Fallon" of the actual one didn't get to speak or ask questions most of the time.

I think I'm late on reviewing this.

But oh well. Review time!

The intro is interesting, and the music seems to fit in well. It was a bit confusing though, at first. I wasn't sure what was meant to happen. After a little bit though, it was revealed. It looked pretty good, and the music was ok, but in the end, the point of it escaped me, and I wasn't sure what it was supposed to symbolize or if it was just supposed to look cool. It definitely looked good, and made me think a bit about what it was supposed to mean, so I suppose it's alright. I think it would have been better if there were more of a plot or point to it though. If there was a plot or point, I think it would have been nice if it were clearer...

-Review Request Club-

Okay! First review in my 3-hour rush! Let's go!

Ok, it's a tad confusing, but honestly. Nice work! Even without having read the previous ones, this is still really good, and I understood it reasonably well (...I think).

There's a lot of "heavy" content, and you can see the problem with the main character clearly. I thought the beginning was interesting, showing that dragon-like-thing-beast-whatever-it-i s in a world that I can only assume is the mind of the main character. The plot is well-done, thought I'm not exactly sure what made the main character's friend pull the fork out. That and how it actually went alright. I'm also not exactly sure how the main character can talk, considering she (assuming it's a she) has a fork in her throat. /Generally/ people wouldn't be able to talk if there was a fork lodged in their throat. Just saying. The music is nice, fits in well with the comic, and though there isn't much animation, it doesn't need it. It's a comic, not really a movie.

Overall, good plot, good music, good art, good multi-world idea. Hope to see more.

-Review Request Club-

Celx-Requin responds:

It ends in October, I'm working on the final Issue today...

- Celx

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This game is neat, but fails on a few key points that makes it extremely frustrating when they're all happening at once.

- The enemies are instakills, which is extremely frustrating with highly finnicky controls.
- Some experimentation in jumping is necessary to understand that your controls remain reversed until you land.
- Difficulty ramps up REALLY REALLY fast. Right on level four, it becomes insanely difficult, if only due to the timing of the enemies.
- The time limit is very unforgiving, and makes it nearly impossible to win some of the levels, let alone actually get all the stars. The stars should be hard. The actual level itself, not quite as much (not if the stars are meant to be a bonus).
- The character's hitbox seems to be just a little bit higher than the sprite, by a fairly significant amount.

Other than that though, it's pretty good. The animations are well done, the aesthetic is consistent, and it's just generally fairly well done. It's too bad I couldn't go too far in due to the excessive difficulty from the mechanics. That really harms it the most.

Now this is a twist... I don't often review games (and that probably shows...), but I think I'll make an exception in this case since I love tetris so much.

-Creative idea.
-Generally responsive controls with a few issues I'll discuss later.
-Music is cute, fitting, and NOT A REMIX OF THE TETRIS THEME. Thank goodness. I've heard way too many tetris remixes on tetris-themed games.
-Different kinds of mino add good variety.
-Well-implemented interface.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD: First and foremost, two problems with the controls that SERIOUSLY hurt my ability to enjoy the game.
-One is that the slippery placement is slightly bugged. If you try to rotate the mino while it is on the ground or move it too much, it seems to think "place" right after rotating, which caused many problems for my placement while I was trying to get a piece in just the right spot. It would also randomly decide to not place one piece after twice as long as another piece, which caused weird issues as well.
-The other, larger problem was with tilting the world. If I moved a piece to the side, it would tilt the piece's orientation with regard to the center as well as teleporting it out to the edge and seemingly DOWN. This was especially a problem in situations where there's no spot on the side I'm on, but there is on an adjacent side. I move the piece over and it teleports to a place where I would have to move it up, even though I had to pass the place I planned to put it en route to flipping. I feel as if a better way of dealing with this would have been recording the placement of the blocks with regard to the center, then turning it and keeping every orientation and placement of the minos the same... the only actual difference would be how you can see the pile and what direction your pieces are moving.
-The music does get annoying after awhile, though this is comparatively minor as people are probably focused on the game.
-Learning curve is VERY steep. Perhaps an optional tutorial would have been good?

Overall: This is a pretty darn awesome idea, and as a lover of tetris I REALLY love the idea. Unfortunately, the two bugs I had mentioned are very annoying and cause me to dislike the game quite a bit more than I would have otherwise. If you can't replicate the bugs on your end from my description, I'd be more than willing to take a video of the issue.

-Skye Wintrest, that guy who makes weird and creative music and LOVES games.

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you for your review! The sliding is a very new feature. I can certainly make rotation delay the placement. I could also make the piece rotate in relation to the world, but I am no doubt scared to mess with that code because of how deliberately fine-tuned it is. I can't fully reply right now, but I do acknowledge and appreciate your review :)
I will see your music tomorrow too :D

I have to say, for a first game...

This is pretty darn solid. I'm going to use the bulk of the review on things that could be improved, not because it's bad, but because there's a lot of stuff you could do to make this shine far beyond a solid base.

The good:
-Solid, decent controls.
-Solid, decent guns.
-Pixely graphics get across what they need to, and they aren't bad.

Improvements I'd suggest:
-A better soundtrack. While it's appropriate, a simple bass/drums combo is a bit... plain. Granted, the game itself is plain, and not complex, but it could definitely be improved upon.

-Better ammo system. It's really, really annoying when I have an uzi, an AK47, and a M16, I'm trying to use the bullets sparingly, and I STILL run out of ammo before the day ends. You pretty much have to learn to click the mouse really fast and be precise in bullet use. (4 for small zombie, 8 for middle, I think 16+ for the big one) Perhaps ammo drops would fix this, it could also cost per bullet at the store to make up for it. That would make it more realistic as well. Also, a weak melee weapon with knockback (or strong melee weapon without knockback) would really help. By the time you can use it, you'll have taken damage.

-Bigger area/more zombies/more weapons. This is a large section, which I think would make the game a lot cooler. Granted, it could also revamp the game completely, but... First of all, in a shop that sells an infinite amount of bullets, has the world's best doctor, and an entire arsenal of guns, why wouldn't it have grenades, bear traps, and some kind of 'armor'? Not to mention different kinds of guns, wood for blockades, and barbed wire. I'm sure you can see how these would be used (bear traps only outside, kills one zombie on the ground before being disabled, blockades can be placed, costing a certain amount of wood/cash, and barbed wire can be placed on a blockade to harm zombies destroying it). The house could have more floors, and the lawn could be wider. This would make it more interesting. I would recommend having a front lawn screen, first floor screen, second floor, and third floor. Zombies could eventually come in through the roof, they could come in through the back door, and through the window. You could shoot the floating zombies from the second floor and the front lawn to kill them, once they come in they're a normal zombie. An enemy with a ranged attack would be good as well.

Though this is a bit messy, hopefully it has some good ideas that could be implemented in another update or other game.

As I said, this game is a wonderful base. I just don't think it's a full game quite yet, more a mini-game that's for killing 10-15 minutes. I feel like it should be in a larger game rather than being on its own as it is. But as I said, it could take off and go quite far if done right.

Good luck!

(-4 because I need to leave room for its potential, +1 because I'm pretty impressed with the quality of it already, since it's your first game)

-Swint of the Review Request Club-

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Hi! Uh, this is the NGUAC review you asked for something like... nearly a month ago. Whoof. I got slammed with life stuff very rapidly as the contest ended, but I HAVE had your review on my todo list and kept it there for awhile, so here is review, about two major points where you track feels oddly "empty".

Constructive Criticism:

- First of all, let's listen to the intro. This atmospheric sound effect is pretty awesome and tasteful, and really highlights a cool atmosphere. That said, this... honestly sounds like it was written with a music video in mind rather than being a standalone track. This applies to the whole thing all the way up until about 1:53. If you had cut EVERYTHING before the cut at this point, you would still have a full track with development, a dynamic arc... maybe a little bit lost because of not having the piano intro, but honestly not much. This makes it essentially "empty space" as compared to the rest of the track. Instead, it might be good to have a faster development into the piece, especially given the composition style of the remaining track.

- A LOT of your track feels "empty". One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of spatialization. In general, think of your song's frequency distribution like a kind of funnel. The bass frequencies generally need to be centered to provide a solid, stable 'foundation' to the piece, but as you get into higher frequencies this can widen to allow more complex hi-hat patterns panned left and right, wider low mids for a fatter bass sound, more expansive background mid pads, and even some panning in leads to spread things out. Having everything centered also results in fitting your entire mix essentially into one stereo channel, whereas widening your mix and using panning lets you use the same frequencies for two separate instruments on each stereo channel (with a bit of reverb and merging to keep them present on the other one). Just make sure that your mix sounds clean in mono even if it's a tad squished, and let it be really thick in stereo. Some points where this becomes EXTREMELY apparent: 2:07, 3:12, 4:28, and 4:53.

Compliments to the Composer:

- Despite wanting them to be wider, a lot of your bass wubbles are fantastic, and your sound design in general is really really neat! I do love the atmospheric effects at the start, and the heartbeat sounds are really cool. Your high hat patterns are interesting and clean, the piano is soft but thick, and vocal chops are really fun to listen to in general. Can't go wrong there! I love the overall arrangement of the piece after the intro, and I think once the mix is sorted out you'll have a REALLY good, thick, and meaty dubstep track.

Final score from me: 8/10

I hope this is helpful for you in the future!

Mate. This is sick.

Make more please thank.

Hello, this is your requested review for NGUAC. As a pre-emptive statement, my feedback style is very blunt and direct. None is intended to be rude, but occasionally it can come off that way. Most of all, it is my hope that the feedback is both clearly conveyed and useful for your future work.

Constructive Criticism:

- The main problem with this track is actually a little hard to explain clearly. It's clearly well-produced, it has classic and effective organization with variation to try and keep it interesting. However, I find it has a lot of difficulty actually GRABBING attention. There are two components to this which really impact it, the first of which is that none of the melodies are particularly engaging. Writing melodies is really hard, admittedly - but this melody essentially just sticks to the same note without much variation. The secondary melodies are also perfectly "okay" but also far more forgettable as they aren't repeated very much and come off far more as harmonic lines than clear melodies. As a point of comparison, try listening to the track Answers, by Puppet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGdDpMYS7sA Notice how it focuses on two main themes to engage the listener - the vocal melody, and then the simple chord progression focus followed by a four-note arpeggio. It doesn't stick out too much in the mix, but it excels as being a repeating point of interest that changes with the interesting chord progression.

- Secondarily, I'd also like to mention that the sound design in your track, while varied, isn't *that interesting*. In the Dance/House genres especially, sound design really needs to be front-and-center in ALL sections of the track even more than the melodies and themes. Using Answers as an example again, notice how right at the beginning, it starts with some interesting background noise of a train along with reversed piano and several clearly interesting sounds. The pluck used to outline the initial chord progression shows where the track will develop and is very acoustically interesting as well. By comparison, listen to the intro of your track. It doesn't really GRAB the listener and envelop them in the tone of the music very effectively. Also notice how effective the panning and sidebands are used in Answers for atmosphere, whereas your track is comparatively quite narrowly focused on the center. Try using the sidebands for reverb, or other higher frequency sounds. Auto-panning a high mid pad is also extremely effective to add space and width to your sound palette. Lastly, notice the outro in Answers uses a bandpass to conclude and fade out while still maintaining the sound into the end. Your track has a reverb tail coming off of an unresolved chord progression, leaving anticipation of the song continuing but not really enticing further listening as effectively. It leaves the listener unfulfilled but not wanting more as much.

Complimentary Complements:

- Okay, I'm aware that I just essentially brutalized the track you've worked hard on, but I really wasn't joking in the first section. This track is VERY well-produced overall. The mixing is clean even if it isn't as wide and full as it could be, and there are SO MANY individual elements I absolutely love. The percussion in the beginning is very effective, the reversed sound effects at 1:35 are delicious, and the bassy wubs you have in the second drop provide some really effective variation that I would love to have kept in your future works. I'm honestly curious how you would do if you took these techniques and made some atmospheric dubstep. I think once you take your existing sound design and added a little more sparkle to it, you'll have a track that hits even harder. Looking forward to your entry in the last round!

Final score: 8.2

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Well, that's creepy. I like it.

I wonder how he's alive. Those injuries seem bad.

Also, happy birthday!

Scottr5680 responds:

Thanks Skye!

Yeah, something keeps him going.

Excellent as always, friend.

You always have a way of making things seem so realistic, and so different from reality at the same time. It's beautiful.

Scottr5680 responds:

Thank you very much, my friend! ^_^

These are some sexy images.

Scottr5680 responds:

Thank you very much, my friend!

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