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Hey people.

2012-07-03 22:59:41 by SkyeWint

You really don't need to offer reviews in exchange for reviews I give. I mean, sure, it's nice, and I could really use the reviews, but you don't HAVE to give them.

Similarly, if you do offer reviews in exchange, please, please, PLEASE follow through. I'm not asking for anything as large as what I'm giving. Feedback on a single thing to improve it, or just saying "I like the song, I can't think of any way I'd improve it" would be fine.

I'm not going to name any names here. But several people have promised reviews, said they'd do it in the next few days, or they were working on it currently (so that assumedly it'd be done in the next hour or two), and then never followed through. If you're going to give a review, give a review. If you aren't, that's fine - just don't tell me you will.

Hopefully I'm not coming across as rude to the people this applies to. It's just been bugging me lately.


2012-06-28 09:40:33 by SkyeWint

I'm working on a truly massive bit of music right now with these awesome speakers I'm getting to use in Aussie-land. (Yes. I am in Australia, in case you hadn't checked my latest bit of music that I made on the plane flight over)

Thus far:

-31 instruments.
-18 different sound effects.
-20 automations.
-1 pattern, so every single note in the song is individually placed.
-67 measures long, and likely going to be 130+ measures long when complete.
-Approximately 2:30 long, and I'm just getting into the second main section which holds a surprise - using instruments and a style that I haven't ever done before, and fusing it with part of the earlier song for an incredibly strange and cool fusion of two styles that are for the most part thought to be incompatible.
-Step-approved awesomeness throughout.
-Over 30 hours of solid work.

If there's anyone here who'd like to assist in the production by providing valuable feedback throughout the process via previews and possibly livestreams, just send me a PM. ...comments on this news post asking to do so will be met with a gentle prod to the PM box, as I'd like to keep the previews private. (Step, you don't need to PM me. You already get previews. :P)

I have a lot done on this song, but I have plenty more to do! Should have it out sometime in the middle of July!

Riding back in style.

2012-06-07 13:08:56 by SkyeWint

Oh yes. I am.

Enjoy, everyone! :D

Hey, peeps!

2012-06-02 21:52:23 by SkyeWint

For any fans I might have, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile - I've been working on a HUGE song recently (5 minutes long and counting) for a webcomic - the Dreamland Chronicles. If you don't know what that webcomic is, I suggest you look it up. Now, the author of said webcomic doesn't know that I'm making this song - it's going to be a surprise for them (hopefully a pleasant one!). As soon as I get feedback from them, I'll post it on here.

Just as a little teaser for this song, the genre is going to be miscellaneous, because honestly, where else would something that's part ambient, part rock, part orchestral, and ALL awesome go?

The worst part so far (in my opinion) is the orchestral part, but I'm messing about with it right now to make sure that it is top-notch!

Sorry for the long absence, but don't worry, I'll be riding back in STYLE.

No Regret

2012-05-08 17:50:57 by SkyeWint

In case anyone's watching their notification feed and sees this, I've put up another song that I had the idea for for awhile.

It can be heard right here.

Also, in case you want a higher-quality version or to support me without paying any money, I am now starting up another idea I had. Please use this link to download the song in the case that you are willing to support me. :) It's just an link - the more people click on it, the more money I get from it. If I didn't need money, I'd love to just have it all for free on NG, but unfortunately, I can't do that. :< This is the best solution I could come up with.

Oh, also, I could use some feedback on this song. :D

Got Morphine!

2012-04-27 23:42:27 by SkyeWint

Got myself Morphine. :D It has a lot of cool airy and neat sounds in general, so I'm looking forward to playing around with it for hours and hours.

Album is out.

2011-11-12 23:40:04 by SkyeWint

My new album is out. For lossless quality downloads of (what I think is) my best music, please buy it here: ng-reality It would also support me making more music, which I can only hope you guys want. I'll be sure to rustle up some more good songs for you though. :P Don't worry about that.

On my reviews, in more depth.

2011-08-05 06:43:34 by SkyeWint

If you complain about a review of mine, please note this.

When I review a song, I won't sugarcoat it and give you a nice little bib and candy to take home when you're done reading it. I will say what I mean, I will make analogies, I may appear to get slightly nasty when there's something I really don't like. If you don't like actual criticism other than what most people do (one line reviews that basically say "I like it" or "I don't like it". No offense, that is what a lot of people do), that's really too bad, because I won't stop and kiss your boo-boos that I caused by saying what's actually wrong with the song.

I focus on the composition of the song, not the mixing as much, so you can have a song that's perfectly mixed, and I may not like it because the composition is bad. Composition includes but is not limited to the instrumentation, distortion, the kinds of effects, etc. To me, mixing is how well it sounds on a multitude of different speakers and headphones. Not effects, necessarily. Just because you have Bose headphones and speakers so you can hear the perfect frequencies in the right way should not mean that everybody has to in order to hear the song right. Ear buds or the cheapest headphones/external speakers should be enough. Laptop speakers, admittedly, do not cut it. Asking for somebody to pay $15 or less for a pair of ear buds so they can hear almost all songs better than with laptop speakers isn't that much. Asking them to buy $200-300+ speakers/headphones to listen to one song better is.

Furthermore, if you don't like what I'm saying, also keep in mind a few things.
1) This is my opinion. Not necessarily fact.
2) On the same vein, just because nobody else has voiced the same opinion/concern/complaint, doesn't mean it doesn't apply. There are reasons that low ratings occur other than jealousy of your allegedly "awesome" skill.

Note: If you aren't quite as cocky as the kind of people I mentioned above, and you actually take criticism kindly, then you don't need to worry. Chances are I won't bite. But if you freak out because I'm the first person to give you a lower rating than 8, then I sure as heck will knock your head around in an attempt to get you to wake up.


On reviews.

2011-07-23 14:40:41 by SkyeWint

Here are some "guidelines" that I believe will assist in reviewing.

1) Go through the whole thing at least two times before reviewing. First time to check it overall, second time to check specifics.
2) Make sure to say what you like and what you don't like.
3) Tell people what's good, compliment them, but make sure to focus on what can be improved. Everybody can use constructive criticism, as we can all improve.
4) Be kind. Don't insult them for making a mistake.
5) Make sure that it is a reasonable length for the song. If the song is 13 seconds, obviously you can't make a large review. If it's over 5 minutes, you can do a long, in-depth review.
6) Only say what can be said about it. If there's something without many compositional elements, or mixed badly, you can comment on it and say what might help, but you can't really give much fine-tuning advice unless it's fixed. Ever tried to juggle four eggs when you can't juggle two?

These are my guidelines for reviewing that I attempt to follow. Take them or leave them. ^_^