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Why should there be mandatory literature classes?

2013-07-05 21:56:03 by SkyeWint

Alright so this isn't all the cool news I was talking about in the last post - but that's coming, no worries! :D I'm trying to get all of that planned out right now.

What this WILL be is a rant. Kinda. If you're going to post rage without reason... please don't.

First of all, I like to read. I think that reading is awesome, and I love books. Don't get me wrong there, language and language classes are important. However, there is a point where they get ridiculous for being mandatory - that point is when a person is meant to analyze "important literature" for literary devices and themes and similar. There are some good reasons - such as giving people material for learning to write essays, or to force people to read more and be exposed to other kinds of literature. But there are some flaws with this.

I would like to put forward this statement: Literature is an art form, similar to music or visual art. If someone disagrees with me, I would love to hear their reasoning.

Now, in light of this - literature being an art form - are there any reasons why learning and analyzing literature is a mandatory part of classes while learning and analyzing music or visual art is not?

I personally cannot see any. All three enrich a person's life. Reading is important, but so is listening to music and so is seeing art. All three broaden a person's mind, and all three increase the person's capability to communicate. Some people like to analyze music, some people like to analyze books, some people like to analyze visual art. There is nothing wrong with any of these, but why is one mandatory in education and the other two not?

There's my question for the day. To date, every time I've asked this I haven't gotten a single answer which (A) isn't also reasoning for having mandatory visual art and music analysis classes and/or (B) is a reason that actually applies.

Any thoughts?

So. Close.

2013-06-23 08:44:00 by SkyeWint

Well, I promised myself that I wouldn't do this until I got to 95 fans and I have.

I am SO close to reaching triple digits it's crazy. You guys are all awesome. :D If you know anyone else, it'd be great if you could get them to convert. If I manage to get to 100 fans, then I *might* release a few details on a couple awesome projects I'm working on, one with other people and another which is huge... and on a more immediate note (heh heh, I did a funny) I'll definitely be inspired to win the NGADM! (well, hopefully)

Thanks to everyone, here's hoping I'll be saying hello again in triple digits!


2013-05-16 22:25:41 by SkyeWint

The NewGrounds Music Triathalon (NGMT) has started!

This is the first contest I've organized - it has cash prizes, awesome artwork, and three rounds which anyone can participate in.

It features a community-based judging system, unique themes, and limitations to push anyone's creativity to the limit.

If you'd like to join (and please do), the thread is right here: Please do tell me any thoughts you happen to have on it.

And yet ANOTHER news post...

2013-04-20 18:34:28 by SkyeWint

Okay, so this time I thought that I should say... I've achieved second place in ANOTHER contest, this one with a prize of $125! I plan on using this money to get EWQL Ra (not Symphonic Orchestra, because I decided that I want ethnic instruments more). So with a little luck, discounts, and possibly asking for a bit of extra money, I should be getting Ra soon (EXPECT RANDOM ETHNIC FUNK FOR A BIT)! After that, I'm planning on going for Addictive Drums and then Symphonic Orchestra.

In any case, aside from my purchasing plans...

The contest submission I used was an arrangement of my piece Moon Lake in the Sun. You can find the arranged version here, and the original here. There is also some sheet music which people can download for the low low price of 5 seconds viewing an ad. Every little bit counts, so even if you don't download the sheet music, it'd be awesome if you could click it anyway and close it after 5 seconds just 'cause. :3 (I understand if you don't though) Unfortunately, I completely forgot to add any slurs throughout, so if you're playing flute, don't be afraid to make things legato. You don't need to tongue everything!

That's all for now. Toodles!

(Oh wait. I suppose I should say that I might be uploading some piano improv soon, if you like that kind of thing)

Hey guess what

2013-04-17 01:03:08 by SkyeWint

I know the last update was only 4 days ago, but I actually finished the piece of music I was working on. It is probably going to be different from most of the music you've heard with a basic 1-2-3-4 kick AKA four-on-the-floor beat.

Here it is!

Also, news flash: Omnisphere is amazingly sexy and sexily amazing. If you can get it I highly recommend it for making pretty much any genre of music ever.

Status update

2013-04-12 12:02:25 by SkyeWint

I know that everyone loves a nice status update where they can see what the heck another person is doing. After all, isn't privacy a thing of the past?

...well, it seems that way to me.

Regardless, here's a status update! I submitted two pieces of music to the NATA contest. One depicts fear and is the normal expected ambient tritone stuff with creepy FX in it. The other one is my normal... something different. It's a piece depicting contentment which involves jazz scat voices, guitars, synths, and steel drums. Whooooooo.

If you haven't heard my pieces DMT or BoaAN, you should do so right now because they're awesome and so far really really popular.

I'm currently working on a piece of music which has the normal four-on-the-floor beat and is... unique. I like taking on challenges. ^_^

And suddenly, it's done.

2013-02-23 21:38:10 by SkyeWint


Nah, just kidding. I still have more music that I'm working on because I love it.

But it's done!
Thanks a lot, camoshark! It's always good to have the help of some Ca$h.

I'm hoping to get a lead sheet for this song out at some point, and I'm definitely going to be putting this on my album, which is getting closer and closer to completion. Only two more pieces that I'm planning to put on it!


2013-02-22 13:57:18 by SkyeWint

Okay, seriously. I was never expecting that this currently-about-four-and-a-half-minute song would take LONGER to make than Birth of an Astral Nation!

Currently at 96 hours (10 more than BoaAN) and it's not even done. I guess I did have to redo the mixing twice because it's been an absolute pain in the arse to mix, but still! Come on. x.x

...on the plus side, it's even more intricate than BoaAN, has a lot of variation in the main melody while still keeping the catchy awesomeness, tons of little fancy touches everywhere, and even some sexy sexy saxophone and trumpet solos which also took a long time to splice and rearrange into the solo sections (considering half of the stems I received from /someone/ were somewhat odd in rhythm/harmony/ending-of-phrases/whatever, though I suppose not giving any particular scale for it along with live soloing WOULD cause some of it).


On a side note, anyone who's ever wanted me to try EDM should be happy - I am going to do so and have even started on something which is currently 1 minute long and took a bit less than 4 hours to make (in a car, so I couldn't work on the other piece). So far, my calculations show: Trippy jazz/funk=about 21.3 hours per minute of well-polished music. EDM ambient trance/house/whatever=about 4 hours per minute of reasonably-well-polished music. ;3 Guess teh mathz dunt lie, EDM is easier than jazz/funk.


2013-02-01 18:57:06 by SkyeWint

This isn't actually the song I was talking about in my last news post, but it's EVEN BIGGER. The jazzy thing is coming, don't worry.

This is more important - it's my submission to Bosa's Dreams of Splendor contest!

So much work was put into this song, it's in the description of the music. I might upload a second version if five people don't like the minute at the end. It was a stylistic choice for storytelling, but still...

Now, I won't keep you in the dark any more.

Here it is.

The Birth of an Astral Nation.

(What a way to start out a new year of music, neh?)

Damn, this one song...

2013-01-02 20:54:03 by SkyeWint

This song. Is taking so long. To make.

Time spent thus far: 50 hours 44 minutes.
Length of song: Approximately 3 minutes.
Melodic instruments: 12.
SFX without other mixing/automation effects: 1
Percussive instruments: 10, including three different kinds of snaps.
Automations: 19.
Different keys: Uh. I don't think I can really count that.
Sections so far: Intro -> Main theme -> Atmosphere -> A Surprise -> Main Theme II -> Another Surprise -> Solo #1 -> Solo #2 -> Drum solo -> Not made yet.
Main melody: Extraordinarily catchy.

It's gonna be a great one, especially since I FINALLY figured out how to mix properly. ...granted, this is a ridiculously difficult song to mix, but it should still be better than my other songs. Only main problem is getting the kick to stick out far enough in some sections, but that's a relatively minor issue...

In any case! Hopefully I'll have this up soonish, sorry for not uploading too many other songs in the meantime! I've been rather busy, and making a few other songs for a speshul project I'm working on. THAT, however, will not be finished until faaaaaaar into the future.

Lettuce to all of you!