2015-06-09 11:34:25 by SkyeWint

So I took a vacation to australia. I also learned some more about synthesis. And had a few more ideas that I wanted to work on.


...one of which is actually going somewhere for the first time in months. You may have something to look forward to from me in a few weeks or so if you like my music (for whatever weird reason). Depends on whether I get someone to play some *EDIT* NEVER MIND I FOUND A GUITAR SOUND


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2015-06-09 16:15:31

It's always such a pleasant surprise when you go somewhere and don't expect to learn much but you end up taking on another interest or adding to what you already know. Synthesis is so fascinating, I could go on for hours about modulation for hours. Other than that, how was Australia in general?

SkyeWint responds:

Australia was pretty sweet. My finances are about half what they were though, which is a bit of a pain in the butt. And I'm probably only getting one paycheck this month! Yippee, the life of a working man is great.

Really though, it was awesome. Tried a bunch of different food, got a new kangaroo leather hat (since I lost my old one), went into an old mineshaft (wonderful, amazing, no regrets, never EVER want to do that again)... there was a lot of cool stuff.

Also yes, synthesis is cool. I'm probably going to largely stick to what I know - that being using post-synthesis effects to change things a ton. But I'm trying to learn some synthesis so I can make a respectable showing in the "I made my own instruments" front. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll actually synthesize all my own instruments. Or maybe I'll work together with this guy called Fourge since he already knows it.


2015-07-14 16:40:18

I hear the kick fine! It's just quiet. :P :P Making fun of my headphones.. >:( Also I am on Windows now.

(Updated ) SkyeWint responds:

Really? Gonna have to agree to disagree then... http://puu.sh/iZpfM/25f4ae5550.jpg

Look at the peaks, man. Look at the peaks. The kick channel peaks at a point that's over a full 1db higher than the rest of the channels, and the EQ of the thing before the reverb (which is off) shows it as being a full range of frequencies with both of the kicks and with *plenty* of bass. When the kicks come in, it's literally the bassiest it's been for the entire piece. Gonna have to say it's something on your end about why it sounds quiet, man. :P